Impact 321 Ultra-Lite Suction Unit
Weighing only 5.1 pounds, the Ultra-Lite measures 7"W x 10"D x 7"H. This small suction unit creates 550mmHg with 30-36 LPM airflow and has all the advantage of a large suction unit but in a portable package. Optional GR unit comes with gauge and vacuum regulator. Includes carrying case, 1200cc disposable canister, AC charger, DC charger, suction tips and 1 year warranty.
Item # Description Qty Price
11697 321 Ultra-Lite, NEW each $543.20
18479 Cannister Replacement each $6.95
Impact 305 VAC Pak
The Vac-Pak features the same powerful suction capabilities as the Impact 305 but comes in a rugged Cordura Nylon carrying case. Includes AC/DC charger, suction tips, canister, and tubing.
Item # Description Qty Price
11689 305 Vac-Pak, NEW each $582.12
11685 Canister Replacement each $14.25
Impact 305 Suction Unit
Excellent for oral, nasal and tracheal suction. The Impact 305 produces 500mmHg of suction in less than 3 seconds. Housed in hard plastic case, the Impact 305 is perfect for field applications or as a portable back up suction in clinics or hospitals. Internal battery provides operating times of 60 minutes on high and 90 minutes on low. Includes AC/DC charger, suction tips, canister, and tubing.
Item # Description Qty Price
11686 Impact 305, hardcase, NEW each $577.08
11685 Cannister Replacement each $14.25
N/A Impact 305, hardcase, RECONDITIONED each CALL
Laerdal Premier Suction Unit
This new suction unit by Laerdal raises the standard in pre-hospital aspirators. The new LSU features industry-first device diagnostics, a "no tools" required replaceable battery, built in charger, and integrated vacuum regulation/power control. This bump proof/splash proof suction unit creates 500 mmHg and 30 LPM of airflow with quiet operation. Includes 5-year warranty, disposable canister and patient tubing.
Item # Description Qty Price
14570 LSU, NEW each $889.28
18479 1200cc Canister Replacement each $6.95
Laerdal Suction Unit
The Laerdal Suction Unit is designed to suction a patients airway easily and rapidly. Two speed motor allows for adjustable suction. Internal batteries are charged with AC adapter or can be charged from vehicle battery via cable assembly. Regulator allows presetting maximum vacuum between 80 and 550 mm Hg. Measures 12.5" x 14" x 15.25", weighs 10.5lbs. Includes 12-month parts and labor warranty.
Item # Description Qty Price
N/A Laerdal Suction Unit, RECONDITIONED each CALL



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